Destiny 2 Full Guide: Cayde-6 Edz Chest Locations

“you recognize, I used to believe if it’s marked a lifeless one, it’s type of my location. Forefront cured me of that, however I left plenty at the back of there again within the day. 0.33-flooring balcony, above the alley. Loved that spot … Hope the Fallen haven’t received to it.” — Cayde-6

while you first drop into Trostland, hop on your Sparrow and take a left down the winding road. Go down the hill and discontinue before you are making a left turn. Take a look down the alley to your left and appear for the 1/3 ground balcony that Cayde-6 mentions. There you’re going to in finding the welcoming glow of a chest. Bounce as much as declare your treasure.

“This location is filled with historic containers. Don’t hassle raiding them all — I already did. They’re all stuffed with sneakers. Mountains of Golden Age footwear, and not a factor in my measurement.” — Cayde-6

After touchdown in Trostland, run to the again of the historical church and into the tunnel. Take a correct into the building and head up the hill. Make your manner via an additional hole in but an extra wall and appear up to the second ground. Cayde-6’s chest will probably be sitting just on the brink of the platform.

“So when you rise up there, don’t be afraid to strut it on the catwalk. We both comprehend the value of looking just right.” — Cayde-6

This is among the extra tricky Cayde-6 chests to search out. Land in Trostland, move via the tunnel within the again and comply with the path until you reach the Salt Mines. Fight by way of the Fallen right here and into the mine.

Take a right from the place the elevator broke all of the means again within the Combustion mission. Combat via this room unless you attain the very again. Look to your correct and stroll by means of the door. Earlier than leaping down, appear up into the rafters and you’ll see the blue glow of Cayde-6’s chest. Soar up there and snatch your loot.

“So after a full day of pulling loot out of the Fallen’s arms, I proposal i’d simply cool my engines down via that ancient river, however as quickly as I cached all of it up down there, a Servitor indicates up.” — Cayde-6

This chest is truely simply sitting out in the open. Journey to the Winding Cove, hop on your Sparrow and drive left alongside the coast. Seem out for a rock formation and a blue glow. Soon enough, you’ll run right into it. Jump off your bike and get some gear.

“New lead from Hawthorne. Now not relatively a lot to head on, some thing a few fan. I do know I have to have numerous them, so if you happen to see one down within the EDZ, maybe ask them? — Cayde-6

the trail to the Sunken Isle chest is lengthy. Land in the Sunken Isle and immediately take a left. Make your means into the tunnel and hop to your Sparrow. Follow the path here except you attain the first cavern (the one with two bridges). Take the left bridge and look at the left wall. Here you will see the fans that Cayde-6 was talking about as good as his chest. Leap across the rocks and underneath the fan to loot your final treasure this week.

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