Destiny 2 Full Guide: How To Find Every Leviathan Raid Chest Guideline

Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid takes situation on a large ship close Nessus. Even as all the motion takes place in Dominus Calus’ palace, there’s additionally an difficult underground (internal?) community of tunnels that lead around, through and between the quite a lot of undertaking (and challenging) rooms. And the tunnels in the underbelly hide the Leviathan Raid’s further chests, with glimmer, tokens and engrams inside, in order that they’re worth exploring.

On this advisor, we’ll show you tips on how to get into the Leviathan Raid’s underbelly and in finding each and every of the treasure chests. Each and every part under corresponds to a component to the underbelly, and you’ll find the paths written, in the galleries under and within the video above.

coming into the underbelly
From the sewers to transfer
completing each and every of the challenges within the Leviathan Raid will earn you a random key. The order wherein you’ll come across these challenges changes every week. You’ll ought to complete the challenges and get at least one of the vital keys before carrying on with. Use our publications for the Pleasure Gardens, the Gauntlet and the Royal swimming pools to support you out.

You can also notice that there are three project rooms and, therefore, three keys which you can get in the course of a raid, but 9 chests listed beneath. That’s proper. You’ll have to run the Leviathan Raid more than one instances within the equal week if you want to get the entire keys to open all the chests. Keys live on the everyday Reset, but now not the Weekly Reset.


the very first thing you have to do is achieve entry to the underbelly of the Leviathan. While you first appear on the Leviathan, you’re standing on a bridge. As you run ahead toward the Cabal honor protect, drop beneath the bridge to a secret bridge below.

You’ll find a room just throughout the walls of the palace that has six levers on the three pillars inside of. Station one man or woman from your fireteam at every of the levers. Counting from left to proper as you walk in, throw the levers within the following order, one after the next: 1, 5, 3, 2, four, 6. You’ll see “the way is open” show up on the left facet of your display.


Head again out to the below-bridge area and climb up the ramps toward the most important entrance to the palace. After nine ramps, look forward to a pair of big pipes main in beneath the palace — that is the trail you just opened.

Jump alongside the pipes and the angled, American Ninja Warrior ramps the entire approach to the end of the long hallway you’re in. Jump up and to the left to discover a manage room. Use the change inside to prompt the lift, then run again out and bounce into the glowing fan.

Bounce out of the carry on the high and continue along the huge hallway. You’ll go up a pair ramps and loop again around on high of your direction as you climb. Just hold following the hallway except you hit a door.


behind the door is a intricate room with 4 Watcher robots that need to all die at the same time(ish) or they’ll sound an alarm. When this occurs, you’ll have to combat some Cabal and do the room over once more. You may also need to destroy up your Fireteam and position them behind the various doors around the room to be able to hit all the robots without alerting any of them. Simply maintain a watch on their red line-of-sight mild, talk to your Fireteam, and use the buildings and obstructions to preclude their gaze except it’s time to spring your trap.

When you spoil all 4 Watchers, a door will open in the some distance left corner of the room from where you first got here in. The chest shall be inside of. You’ll need the transfer Key to open it.


This subsequent part is rough to explain with phrases, so you could skip to 2:30 within the video above should you’re having drawback following alongside.

Put your back to the transfer Key chest door and head towards the door at your 10 o’clock (northwest-ish) — it’s to the left of these two massive pillars you see forward of you. Keep heading within the same path toward the purple-lighted, closed door ahead of you. There’ll be an open door to your proper that you could go by means of while you get there.

Follow the hallway until it turns left and also you have got to crouch. Proceed by means of the crawlspace because it climbs up. When it opens right into a room, get up and go by way of the door for your left.

There’s a T-intersection at the end of the corridor with a door on the left and the correct. These doors lead to an extra Watcher-defended room. It’ll take a few tries to determine their patterns and the place you ought to role your fireteam to take them all out directly — you’ll observe within the video above, we didn’t do that. The chest can be in the back of a elaborate door on the right wall from where you entered. You’ll want the Armory Key to open this one.


Head again to the transfer Key chest via the crawlspace and hallway. Once more, put your back to the chest. This time, flip right before these two giant pillars, then soar up onto the catwalk above you.

Turn left and head into a further giant hallway. Take the first proper, and go up the ramp. You’ll go by means of anything that looks like a manipulate room — there’s nothing to do right here, it’s only a landmark. Cross through the manage room and down the ramp on the other part. Turn left on the bottom of the ramp. When you hit the intersection ahead of you, appear up and a little bit to the right to discover a hallway. Jump up into it to seek out the chest. You’ll need the Aqueduct Key for this one.


turn round and drop go into reverse to the bottom, and head straight — again the way in which you got here. Take the primary left (no longer the glowing, rotating frustration-tube, the subsequent one). Follow this hallway to the top and drop by means of the glowing hole within the floor. Comply with the next hallway you land in all the solution to the tip where it’s going to flip to the left. Keep following it left because it loops around to point back the best way you got here.

Hold going earlier the enormous, golden engine-matters unless you come to one more glowing flooring-gap. Drop through this one, too. At the bottom, bounce back up one degree to the door with a switch.

This is another Watcher room. Kill all 4 at typically the identical time and the chest will appear on the left side of the room from where you entered. This one wants the Engine Key.


Head back out the way in which you came and drop down to the fan on the ground. There’s a gigantic hallway with enormous fanatics you could follow. The enthusiasts will push you around some, however there are interval switches in order to flip them off. Leapfrog your fireteam along unless you hit a giant circular subject on the ground. Flip to your left and soar up to the hallway above you. The chest is proper inside. You’ll want the Ventilator Key for this one.


back out in the fan tunnel, flip left to keep heading the way you’ve been going. Keep leapfrogging and turning of the fans as you go. All of the manner on the finish, you’ll in finding yet another switch that controls a vertical fan. Turn this on and trip it to the highest.

You’re watching for the hallway with three blue lights over it — it’s the one straight reverse of the swap, so when you don’t move the digital camera around an excessive amount of, it will have to be right forward of you. Flip left with the hallway and drop by means of the crimson glowing hole within the floor.

It’s a long drop, so watch out. At the backside, you’ll to find yet another change, an extra door and extra Watchers. Enjoy. The chest shall be on the identical wall as the door you got here via, off to the proper facet. The Pipeline Key will get you to the sweets inside of.


Head to the some distance left part of the Pipeline room, and appear for a glowing fan/raise. Ride this as much as the catwalk some distance above you. Follow the catwalk round to the right except you see a pink glow in a giant pipe. Go into the pipe and comply with it unless it empties you right into a walkway surrounded via smaller pipes. Turn to the left and follow this direction unless that you may take one more left down a ramp.

On the bottom of the ramp, you come to a huge room. Drop through the hole within the ground straight ahead of you. Jump again up one level to seek out, you guessed it, one other swap/door/Watchers room. The chest is behind a door on the some distance left. You’ve found out the patten by now, proper? Drain Key.


Put your back to the Drain chest door and head up the ramp. Take the proper and follow that hallway as it turns to the left to return the best way you got here.

Climb up the ledges all of the approach again up to the top. Go back up the ramp and turn correct into the pipe-lined tunnel to retrace your steps. While you get back to the massive room, turn left and follow the catwalks to the a long way left nook of the room. Head by way of the door and comply with the corridor to the correct and up the ramp.

Turn left on the high of the ramp, however don’t drop through the gap in the floor. Alternatively, flip left once more at the hole, and go via the door there. Follow this slender corridor to the proper, then drop by means of the hole you in finding at the end.

Go straight throughout the pink goo-filled room that leads you up to Calus — there’s a further hallway on the some distance facet. Follow this hallway all of the solution to the tip. Soar up on the correct part and then soar up into the hallway above and forward of you.

You’ll have got to do some extra pipe-and-platform-hopping to prevent demise in the fog under you. On the finish of this passage, there’s an exit on the left aspect. Comply with the path to the left and up the ramp. The corridor will take yet another couple turns and convey you to a door. Open it with the change and drop through the gap within the flooring on the opposite aspect.

It’s a further lengthy drop, so be all set. You’ll drop right into a room the place you can find the chest with no fuss . Just kidding! It’s a different Watcher room. Head prior the Watchers (and fight off any Cabal they name) to find yet another set of doors that’ll let you regroup and strategize. The chest shall be on the left facet in the aspect hallway and not using a Watchers in it. In any case that work, you’ll nonetheless want the Conduit Key.


With the Conduit chest at your back, flip left and go through the doorways you used to stage your assault. Proceed past them except you come to a room with a bunch of vertical pipes and a lit up blue rectangle above you on the left. Leap onto the pipes, then onto the catwalk above that rectangle. Crawl alongside the pipes — crouching makes this infinitely simpler — to get to the exit directly across from you.

Drop into the hallway on the far facet, then follow it to the proper to find the chest. Something anything Irrigation Key.

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