Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Full Guide & Emperor Calus

Have your entire Fireteam press their noses up towards the door and watch the fast cutscene play.

Once within the throne room, take a 2nd to familiarize yourself with the environment:

The room is sloped, with its lowest factor round where you spawn and its perfect elements the place Calus’ lounging above a raised platform.
Around the center of the room, there are 4 plates, each with the acquainted markings from the opposite come upon: hound and solar on the proper, axes and cup on the left.
If you are a veteran destiny participant, you’ll additionally observe spawn doorways for enemies at every of the best aspects on the left and ride facet of the world and one proper beneath Calus’ podium.
It is a multi-phase combat, so we’ll take it one step at a time. This fight could be very complex and can take time to grasp. Just like other final raid encounters, like Oryx in King’s Fall raid, Calus requires coordination from six folks.

When you are ready to combat the boss, shoot the goblet out of Calus’ hand.

We first released our courses shortly after Leviathan raid went live. Due to the fact then, we’ve developed new and higher techniques for each come upon. Our courses are stuffed with updates, including new, better and streamlined systems — and even maps!

Equip an auto rifle. Capturing is anything you’ll be doing so much. You need anything steady, quick firing, trustworthy and with high injury. One can find all of these matters in auto rifles like Ghost Primus, Scathelock and beginning Story.

also auto rifles. All the above applies, and with the shortage of ammo in this fight, you’re going to need all of the ammo which you can get. The Prosecuter, The quantity and Uriel’s gift are all high-quality vigour cars.

For power weapons, you need something that may deal high injury from a distance. This involves rocket launchers, fusion rifles and sniper rifles. Sins of the earlier is great with its cluster bombs and automated reloading. Cruel can be best when you use it on the front two plates closest to Calus.

Titans must use Actium battle Rig for the automated auto rifle reloading, Warlocks will have to use Helm of Tempest for increased Arc potential regeneration or Lunafaction Boots for the instant reloads and Hunters will have to use Celestial Nighthawk for the severe boss harm towards Calus.

Phase 1: all people
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When Calus stands up, a legion of Cabal will erupt in waves from the three doors. The primary a few enemies will probably be Legionaries, Psions, Phalanxes and conflict Hounds. Once ample of them have come through, an awfully strong Cabal most important will enter the world. (This robust Cabal will exchange type each wave but will stay powerful). Have one or two of your teammates use a roaming super to defeat as most of the powerful Cabal as feasible.

Calus will also be capturing a colossal laser beam at a random raid participant. If he’s shooting you, hide at the back of some of the many obstacles and shoot enemies from there.

Once the room is clear, run round and snatch ammo. After a few moments of silence, Calus will clap his fingers, teleporting you and your entire Fireteam to a Shadow Realm. The Fireteam will now be on some form of horribly jagged slide, and on the end there is a colossal, non secular variation of Calus’ head.

This is when you are going to cut up your staff in half:

Punchers will return to the actual world and combat Cabal
Readers will keep in the spirit realm and battle Calus’ giant head
segment 2: PUNCHERS within the THRONE ROOM

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within the darkish realm, Puncher must run ahead, bounce over the low barrier and seize probably the most three teleportation orbs. This orb will ship you back to the throne room. Assuming the opposite two Punchers made it to their unique orbs, there will have to now be three of you back the place you started.

similar to walking as a Shooter within the Gauntlet, Punchers need to shield themselves from enemies whilst also speaking with their counterparts in the Spirit Realm. You’ll be fighting the same Cabal waves as before, but there are only three of you. Additionally, 4 conflict Councilors, every with their own symbol above their head, will spawn on the 4 plates. That is the place communications along with your teammates in the Spirit Realm becomes major.

Each of the three Spirit Realm dwellers will see one other symbol displayed on Calus’ head. They are going to personally call out the symbols that they see. One of the vital Punchers will then take a smash from fighting Cabal to punch the Psion on the plate with best image your teammates didn’t name out. For instance, if Readers call “axe, cup, hound,” any individual will punch solar. This may occasionally kill them and permit your Spirit Realm Readers to development.

Do that three more instances to enter the following phase of the fight.

ultimately, once the Readers have reached their end, Calus will begin channeling a giant ball of power above his head. This may increasingly slowly deal harm to all those within the throne room. While he is doing this, he’s covered in a glowing shield. The Punchers have got to become a member of forces and shoot Calus unless his guard pops. Use a healing Rift. Stand inside of it.

If your staff may be very excessive vigour, you are able to do this as a substitute rapidly. Nonetheless, for reasons we’ll provide an explanation for quickly, you wish to have this burn phase to go on for so long as feasible without death. Once he drops his orb, the Readers in the dark world will rejoin you, and it will be time to break the boss.


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Readers within the Spirit Realm have a gorgeous simple job: crouch and preserve back. After a few moments, ideally after the Punchers have left, Calus’ gigantic head will begin sucking air into his mouth, pulling all of the Readers to their deaths. However, there is a little crimson bump on the ground. This may occasionally discontinue you from sliding forward and permit you to remain still.

whilst the pink bump is not going to exist perpetually, it’ll keep you relatively risk-free for the moment. As Calus begins sucking in air, watch the core of his brow. For each and every of the three Readers, Calus’ head will show an extra symbol. Pick an order of Readers to name out their symbol and have every Reader call out what they see so as. This will have to be performed as swiftly as feasible as it’s going to aid your Punchers investigate who to punch.

As soon as the Punchers have defeated the right struggle Councilor, an additional red bump will spawn just a little ways down the slide. After about 15 seconds of him sucking in air, the first pink bump will disappear and you will sliding toward him. As long as the Punchers have accomplished their job (meaning that you have also finished yours), the brand new red bump will trap you and hold you in position again. Learn out the symbols just like last time. Repeat this except you attain the end.

nonetheless, this part is a long way more tricky than that, due to the fact that Readers have extra to do than simply learn. After the symbols appear every time, a Psion Reflection will show up on the left and correct facet of the ramp. Kill these right away. Or else, they’ll channel an capability on the way to wipe the raid immediately.

Establishing when the second symbol suggests, three actual Psions will also spawn, prepared with nasty, red grenades that can elevate you into the air, causing Calus’ to suck you up.

The procedure for coping with these Psions takes a variety of observe, and even when you get it down, it’s nonetheless a struggle.

Defeat the natural Psions as they spawn, as they may be able to kill you immediately with their grenade.
As soon as they’re down or hiding, kill the left Psion Reflection first (due to the fact it spawns first) after which the proper one. (These alternate spawn order every call, left then right, proper then left).
If carried out effectively, you will have to be able to take all 5 enemies out with one magazine each and every.
STAYING ALIVE at the same time SLIDING
As if the enemies weren’t adequate, the terrain itself is also seeking to kill you. The first time by means of the Spirit Realm per come across may have a quite common slide, aside from a number of ramps right here and there on the way to, of direction, launch you into to Calus’ mouth.

However, the second time via and beyond, one of the most stones will probably be eliminated, forcing you and your teammates to huddle up and shimmy as a unit. Motion could be very tricky even as sliding, so that you have got to line your self up before the barrier drops to ensure that you’ve got tender ground to trip on. When you have a ramp or hole to your approach when you slide, the raid is probably going over.

While you slide 4 occasions and skim four instances you’re going to be very practically Calus’ head. While there’s no symbol this subsequent time, the enemies still spawn. Eliminate the final Psions as quickly as feasible and prepare to move skeet capturing. Calus’ will begin vomiting skulls (sure, really) toward you and your allies.

Taking pictures SKULLS
whilst this seems unhealthy it is without a doubt superb. For each and every cranium that you kill, you’ll reap a stack of the force of Will buff, which increases your injury against Calus tremendously.

Hold killing for so long as that you would be able to, getting your stacks greater and higher. As soon as the Punchers cut down Calus’ look after, he will discontinue vomiting in the Spirit Realm and a orb will spawn that may return you to the throne room. Seize the orb and head again.

Guidelines AND tricks
Being the Reader takes plenty of practice and may also be very irritating every now and then. We ran into bizarre physics interactions when sliding, a few of which gave the impression to be bugs. Bugs or not, the fight is winnable, so that you must make sure that you’re superb to mitigate any feasible chance of weirdness.

Being a Reader implies that commonly things will go unhealthy. You have to be pleased with that simply as your Punchers have got to be understanding of it.

We do have a couple of hints to make your time less complicated. First, as we mentioned earlier, crouching makes sliding around while being pulled in a long way extra manageable, so attempt to perpetually be crouched. Pulling back may additionally keep your lifestyles if you are hit with a Psion grenade and your Punchers mange to punch in time. The barrier can and can seize you. Subsequently, when capturing skulls, are attempting dropping a Titan Rally Barricade, so that the Readers don’t have to reload. Making use of this tactic combined with our Readers prolonging the burn segment, we have been competent to reliably snatch 70-plus stacks of drive of Will.

Segment 3: every body within the THRONE ROOM

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that is the section the place you all kill the boss.

Now that every one of you’re together again, workforce up and, as six, soar onto the left plate that’s closest to center — the axes plate. Be definite that each member is standing on the plate and drop the whole lot you may have: Warlock Empowered Rifts, Titan Rally Barricades, some thing and everything with a view to aid expand your groups damage.
As soon as your ft hit the plate, shooting Calus in the head. If in case you have ample damage you will stagger the boss, as much as a highest of two times per plate, so that it will increase the period of time that you can deal damage to him before he tries to kill you.
Finally, Calus will lift his fist into the air and purpose flames to erupt around the plate you might be standing on. As soon as you see his arm move, get off the plate and transfer to the cup plate as an alternative. Proceed unsafe him and relocating from cup to solar to hounds when he raises his arm.
Once the bosses reaches two-thirds wellbeing, his epidermis will explode, revealing that Emperor Calus’ is a robot and developing a new important spot on his chest. Whilst that is all very cool, don’t discontinue shooting him. In his robotic segment, he’ll as an alternative shoot you with a giant gun when he wants you to depart.As quickly as you see the laser sight goal you, run to the following plate. In case you have run out of plates, the combat will over at segment 1 and a brand new wave will begin.
Once you get Calus’ health all the approach all the way down to nothing, the fight will have one final factor for you to do. Calus’ will give one ultimate shot at looking to kill you. He will begin channeling a colossal orb in his fingers, like he did for the Punchers in the second segment This time, his defend is some distance better and if he completes the channel, he wipes your raid.
Whale on him with the whole thing you’ve gotten, switching weapons rather than reloading and just trying to kill him. If you can pump adequate bullets into him before his channel ends, Calus will fall, and you are going to have the possibility to say your reward.
That you may attempt the harm segment as much as 4 times per run, even though we beat Calus in just two utilizing our accelerated skulls procedure. Harmful Calus can be anything that takes follow and requires a diverse loadout of weapons. The unusual fusion rifle cruel was once invaluable for us, as used to be the Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun. Coldheart and high have an impact on sniper rifles had been additionally very important.

Earlier than you enter the treasure chamber, stroll as much as Calus’ as he has a couple of alternative phrases for you before he goes. We received’t wreck the treasure room for you right here, as you now recognize the whole lot you must honestly kill him.

Congratulations Guardian, you’ve gotten destroyed destiny 2’s finest chance and claimed its sweetest loot. Time to come back and do all of it once more subsequent week. Good success.

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