How to Fix Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes: E15, E22, E01, E09

Following up from a previous article we wrote here on a few of the most common error codes found in Bosch washing machines, we’re back today to hopefully help our readers out further by examining, and hopefully also assisting with, some of the most common error codes that can be found in the Bosch dishwashers.

As we mentioned previously, but it bears repeating, the machines themselves are equipped with a detection system to report when it detects faults within the machine itself, by displaying the error code, or codes, for the fault on the machine’s digital read-out – usually where the timer face is shown.

The code itself is usually shown as a combination of a letter (most often E or F) followed by two numbers. These codes should indicate what the issue is, and even where, it is emanating from. So the codes themselves will tell you exactly where you should start looking within the machine to service it.

In this article, we’re going to look specifically at four more of the most common error codes that might befall your Bosch dishwasher.

We will look at Bosch error codes E15, E22, E01, E09, and we will look at each of these errors one by one, hopefully providing you the guidance to resolve each of these errors in turn.

Error Code E15

Error code E15 means, simply, that there is no water in the dishwasher, or that the machine believes there is no water in the machine.

Many sources suggest that in order to resolve the issue, you would need only to pull the machine out and tilt the dishwasher back by forty-five degrees temporarily while pressing the machine’s power button to clear the error.

This will, indeed, clear the error temporarily, and allow the dishwasher to continue running.

However, in actual fact, this error means that it is likely that the machine is experiencing a very small leak, leading the water to collect in the base plate at the bottom of the machine. Once this water has collected, it triggers a Styrofoam float in the base, which then activates a micro switch, which then turns off the water inlet on the machine, triggering the E15 error code.

Tilting the machine back just tips some of the collected water out of the machine, resetting the float; this does not, in fact, solve the problem.

If you want more than a temporary solution and in order to properly fix the E15 error code, follow these simple instructions:

1. Turn off the dishwashing machine, and unplug the machine.

2. Open the dishwasher’s door, and unscrew the four screws holding the front of the door in place. Then slide the door off.

3. Next, you must remove two more screws holding the front’s lower base plate in place, and pry the cover off. Do be careful, though, as you will now have several screws exposed, which might easily injure you.

4. Now, you will need to remove the insulation behind the base plate. Carrying out this action will reveal the inside of the base of the machine.

5. In the center of the base, you will find a square plastic cover that holds the microswitch itself. The switch itself has two blue wires coming out, helping you to identify it.

6. You will now need to remove the plastic cover from the microswitch. To do so, begin to pry the cover from the right side, and the cover should come off.

7. Behind the microswitch itself, there is a Styrofoam disk, whose size is roughly four inches thick. Remove the disk and clean it off thoroughly.

8. Replace the disk in its place, and reassemble the machine.

The machine should now function as normal, and the E15 error code should now disappear.

Bosch-dishwasher-error-code-E25 how to fix full guide

E15 Video Tutorial

Error Code E22

Error Code E22 signifies that there is residual water remaining in the dishwasher’s sump pump. In order to resolve the error, it is best that you check the pump for a blockage, and the machine’s filter as it may be dirty, particularly if it is functioning with a noticeable amount of grease or another type of build-up.

Any of these will prevent the machine from draining properly.

To check the filters, follow the following instructions:

1. Turn the machine off before proceeding to disassemble the machine.

2. Remove the bottom tray from the washing machine.

3. Below it, you will find the hexagonal filter, which should have a blue arrow at its front, indicating that the filter is locked into place.

4. Twisting the filter will unlock it, allowing you to remove it from the base of the machine.

5. Next, you can remove the metal plate at the base of the machine, revealing the outer part of the filter.

6. Next, clean the metal plate you have removed from the base of the machine, along with both portions of the filter.

7. If the filters have become too caked with dirt and grime, it would be better to replace them entirely than to place them back in the machine. Replacement filters are easily available on Amazon quite cheaply but do make sure you have both the inner and outer portion of the filter.

8. Now, once the filter is replaced, click it back into place, and replace the dishwasher’s lower rack.

The machine should now operate correctly. If it still does not, it may be that the pump itself has become blocked. To clear it, follow these instructions:

1. With the filters already removed (as above), pry off the pump cover until it clicks. Grip the cover by the lug and pull it upward until it resists, then pull it forward to remove it.

2. You can now clear out the pump itself, and remove any debris that may be clogging the pump and preventing it from draining properly.

3. Now, you can replace the pump cover, along with the filter, and the dishwasher’s lower rack.

The residual water should now drain from the dishwasher’s sump pump, and the error code E22 should now be resolved.

E22 Video Tutorial

Error Code E22

Error Code 01 Or E1

Error code 01 or E1 means that your Bosch dishwasher is experiencing trouble with the motor. Specifically, this error signifies that you need to replace the power module because the motor controller has either stopped working or is malfunctioning.

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