Sony News About New Charger

Sony has propelled another divider charger for USB-PD perfect gadgets. The charger is fit for yielding 46.5W all the while.

The charger, display CP-ADRM2, has two yield ports. The USB-C port is equipped for yielding 5V/3.0A, 9V/3.0A, 12V/3.0A, and 15V/2.6A. In the interim, the USB-A port can yield 7.5W 5V/1.5A. Together they can push out 46.5W in the meantime.

The charger utilizes a standard C7 or figure-8 connector to connect to an augmentation control string, which will fluctuate with market.

It includes all the standard security highlights, including a warmth safe plan, and 100V-240V similarity.

The charger is perfect in the event that you have a PC with a USB-C connector yet in addition need it to serve as a quick charger for your iPad Pro or any cutting edge Android cell phone.

The charger appears to just be accessible in Asia for the time being and accessibility in different markets isn’t yet known.

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